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The Swedish Peony Society

”Att inse att man inte är ensam (och inte är värst)

är redan det värt avgiften...”

 (En av våra piongalna medlemmar om medlemskapet i Pionsällskapet)

Welcome to The Swedish Peony Society’s homepage!

The Swedish Peony Society was established in 2013 to promote peonies as garden plants and to bring together people who share a passion for them.

Everyone is invited to join the Swedish Peony Society: enthusiastic gardeners, breeders, nursery owners and professional horticulturalists. You don’t have to know anything about peonies, the only thing you need is passion for them! We also have members from the other Nordic countries, and new ones are most welcome!

We are a non-profit organization who provide our members with information about peonies, how to grow and nurture them in the best possible manner. On our website we publish news from the local, Nordic and international peony world, about new registrations, events and breeders. We are members of The American Peony Society and The Alaskan Peony Growers’ Association (Alaska having the same harsh climate as we have here in Sweden and Finland).

I have been an avid gardener for many years, peonies are not my only love; unusual shrubs, trees that provide the garden with something extra special, perennials with special qualities. But peonies are my favourites – which other plant is so easy to manage? No pruning; no slug, hare or roe deer damages; no thorns, no aphids, no larvae… Peonies come in almost all forms and colours (except for blue – at least not yet), they are beautiful and easy to care.

I know quality and appreciate excellent customer service. I want to see that all peony plants that our members get are directly from growers who truly care about quality and know their plants. 

If you would like to get in touch, please send an email to

Welcome to the wonderful world of peonies!

Leena Liljestrand

Chairman and founder of The Swedish Peony Society

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